Remix 3D
Product Design

Remix 3D is a content platform that fuels 3D experiences for creators and consumers.

Seattle, WA
Role: Experience Design Lead

What is it?

Remix 3D is a content platform fueling 3D experiences for creators and consumers. It’s aim is to enable mixed reality and 3D experiences for users of Windows 10, so everyone can experience, create, and share amazing ideas in a new dimension.

Remix 3D exists as a website and a service pipeline for some of Windows 10’s most popular creation applications.

How does it work?

As a website, Remix 3D serves as the face of Windows 10, 3D for Everyone initiative.

Users can browse, publish, share, and import 3D models from any modern browser.

Community pages allow users to browse category specific content. Object details pages allow the user to interact with 3D models. And profile pages give our users a platform to share their creations.

As a service, Remix 3D is embedded in some of Microsoft’s most well-known creation applications.

The service provides Paint 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and PowerPoint users a wide range of high-quality, 3D models to help get out and share their brilliant ideas.

I did some stuff for this product.


One of my first tasks when joining the team was to learn as much as I could about Microsoft Accessbility rules and turn our product into a fully-functioning, inclusive and accessible product. I identified all areas of the site that needed design changes (font size, contrast ratio for text color, alternate text options, narrator support, Aria labels, etc). This process is ongoing and is one of the most fulfilling of all the features I am leading.
Search & Browse: Categories

The service side of this produce required an overhaul of it’s search functionality. Partnering with User Research and Product Managers, we are improving a user’s ability to find the right 3D model in the appropriate application. (Currently in Paint 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and PowerPoint.)
Animation Support

Leading the charge to enable animated glTF 3D models within our service and providing the appropriate UI affordances in our partner applications, Mixed Reality Viewer and Paint 3D.
Core Share Functionality

Defined principles to enable the user to share a model from the website and from Microsoft’s, 1st party creation applications