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Husband & Dad / Designer / Content Junkie / Horible Speller.

Hailing from Southern California with chapters in Kansas City, Rexburg, Region 03 in the Philippines, New York, and now Seattle, my life's journey has been rich with diverse experiences. In NYC, amidst the fast-paced rhythm and vibrant art scene, I found my passion for design and culture, along with the value of swift, efficient work—always led by empathy.

As a doorman in Tribeca, I navigated the night shifts while attending FIT, proving that determination and compassion go hand in hand. This experience wasn't just about making ends meet; it was a lesson in understanding and connecting with people from all walks of life, an approach that has deeply influenced my design philosophy.

Navigating the world of advertising, I sought out teams where talent and humility were in harmony, valuing places that nurture kindness and excellence. This journey wasn't just a quest for creative fulfillment but a mission to lead with empathy, ensuring that every project not only achieves its goals but also resonates on a human level.

In every role, I've championed environments that are not only about doing great work but doing it with consideration and respect for others, reflecting my belief that at the heart of every successful endeavor lies a foundation of empathy.